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3rd Reich Tour Nuremberg (English)

Nazi rallys, WW2 and the Nuremberg trials

  • 2 hr
  • suggested tip 15 €
  • An der Ehrenhalle


From 1933 to 1945 Adolf Hitler's Party ruled over Germany. In line with the earlier two "German" empires, the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and the German Empire, he wanted to build a third one, bigger, more successful, and more German than anything that was there before. He called it: The Third Empire, „das Dritte Reich". His dictatorship leads to Holocaust, World War II, and, after its end, to a whole new world order. Nuremberg played a major role in this tragedy as it was the Nazis’ ideological capital. On our tour, we'll take you to the National Party Rally Grounds, „Das Reichsparteitagsgelände“, an enormous Propaganda-City that was planned and built to hold annual, week-long celebrations of the Party, Germany, and Nazi Ideology. In the sight of the remains of the Congress Hall and Zeppelin-Field, where hundreds of thousands were marching and hailing the dictator, you’ll understand, how and why Hitler’s Propaganda worked. ​ We'll start next to the "Ehrenhalle", where you’ll learn about how the jewish community was deported to concentration camps, how our grandparents were hiding the bombs of ’45 in bunkers, and how they built Nuremberg up again after the war while the Nazi Leaders were convicted during the Nuremberg Trials. ​

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  • Flieger-Denkmal, An der Ehrenhalle, Nürnberg, Germany


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