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Christmas Special

Mon-Fri 18:00

Mo-Fr 18:00

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On this guided tour, we will show you the highlights of the famous Nuremberg Christmas Market and explain the significance and history of the market. Of course, we will also tell you where to find the best gingerbread (including tasting),

and the most delicious mulled wine.

We explore the sights of Nuremberg by night and YES, especially at night, Nuremberg city center is a real treasure trove at this time of year. The sights are beautifully illuminated and provide the perfect backdrop for stunning photos. We going to visit famous half-timbered houses, talking about the scars left by the Second World War and the highlight of our

evening tour is a visit to the former executioner's house of the famous executioner Franz Schmidt. His scary stories are particularly suitable at night and the house of the executioner

is also reflected perfectly at night. (Best photo spot in town)

At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to warm and fortify yourself in a 13th-century restaurant. We might even join you because it’s the last tour of the day.

During the Christmas marked the beautiful fountain is partially built in so plan a little more time to find us. Just walk around the fountain and look for the green and white

umbrella. We looking to see you soon.

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