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Free Walking Tour Nuremberg (English)

Tourguides born and raised in Nuremberg

  • Duration Varies
  • Schöner Brunnen


Welcome to Nuremberg Free Walking Tours. This tour was designed by locals born and raised in Nuremberg. Our goal is, to break down Nurembergs history, culture and its architectural highlights in a walking tour of 2:30 hours. You will learn about Nurembergs "Golden Age" in the late middle ages and from the "Dark Age" in the "3rd Reich". You will see beautiful half-timbered houses, churches and the castle. You will learn all about the typicall Nuremberg specialites and where to find the best places to get them. Together we will go to the house of the most important German artist, Albrecht Durer. Listen to stories of the hangman Franz Schmidt, and why he was a feminist. Understand Nurembergs path to deal with the heritage of the Nazi-era and how the city was rebuild after its doom in the WW2. After the tour we will have time to answer all your questions and we are happy to help you with your plans in and around Nuremberg. See you soon in "Naemberch".

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  • Schöner Brunnen, Hauptmarkt, Nuremberg, Germany


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