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Beer Tour

-Walking tour in Nuremberg, or Bamberg

-Traditional snacks

-Different beers from Franconia

You like history? You like to go where the locals go? You like beer? We got it all!

Come and join us on an private tour with food and drinks.

With more than 300 breweries, Franconia hast the highest concentration of breweries in the world. We want to protect this unique heritage and will only provide beer from small independent breweries.


- Walking tour through the oldtown (2h)

- Traditional dishes

- Beer tasting in a local pub

Our Partner

The "Beim Almosmüller" is a local pub that offers traditional Franconian Beers and Whiskey. It is based in a former millers residence going back to the year 1234 when the "Almosmühle" was sold to the Teutonic Knights Order". In 1419 the mill became part of the "Free Imperial City of Nuremberg" and part of a charity foundation. Always on sunday it was obligatory for the miller to provide food for the poor.

Later the mill was used as generator for the first street light system in Germany, established by Sigmund Schuckert a industrial pioneer and entrepreneur.

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